Ukiran Rentak: Zamri Ahmad [email protected] Is No Longer With Us, Not Authorised To Collect Payments On Our Behalf



It has come to our attention that one of our ex-member, Zamri Ahmad Tony a.k.a Mamang has been collecting upfront payments from potential clients without our knowledge. Please note that he is no longer affiliated with UkiraAn Rentak, Al-Badr nor Masjid Al-Mawaddah.

If you had made any booking directly with him, please liase with him as we are not aware of any bookings and payments which he had received, and we shall not be liable for it. You may contact him at 9196 4264. Alternatively, you may file a police report against him.

We strongly advise everyone to cease transferring him any money regardless of the circumstance. Do note that POSB Savings 039-46486-5 is his own personal account, and any funds previously transferred into that account is solely for his own benefit, and not for the group.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your continued support and trust towards our group.


Source: Ukiran Rentak

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