Who Will Be PAP’s Chosen One – Halimah Yacob Or Abdullah Tarmugi?

Looks like with the new hiatus-triggered model, PAP will be putting in place a mechanism that can effectively put Dr Tan Cheng Bock out of contention for the Elected Presidency.

Why? Because if they implement it with immediate effect, next year’s presidential elections will be about PAP’s chosen Malay puppet candidate. Do you see any Malays from the private sector meeting the eligibility criteria? Yes you know the answer to that.

That leaves us with high-ranking Malay civil servants and Ministers or even the Speaker of Parliament.

But do you know of any high-ranking Malay civil servants? They do not have the profile that other races can be comfortable with.

So in the end, who are we left with?

Halimah Yacob and Abdullah Tarmugi. Between this two, who would you want as your President?

Halimah Yacob Abdullah Tarmugi

Abdullah Tarmugi Halimah YAcob


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