NKF CEO Revealed To Be Gay, Fired For Indiscretion With A Male NKF Staff

The 3-member executive committee of of National Kidney Foundation (NKF) revealed in the press conference that the NKF CEO Edmund Kwok was fired because he had a gay affair with a male NKF staff.

According to NKF chairman Koh Poh Tiong, the NKF has reported to the police but did not explain which alleged offense did the CEO commit as a homosexual relationship is not criminalised.

The extra-marital affairs first came to light when the male NKF staff made a complaint to his supervisor who alerted the human resource department. It is unknown if the CEO has harassed the male NKF which warranted a need for police report.

“The facts were presented to our lawyers, who advised us that it’s a reportable offence. And we have a duty to all our stakeholders and staff to do the right thing. Regardless of how we feel, whether we’re sorry for him – that is not relevant. What is relevant is that the public must know that as a board we take our job seriously – and that is to ensure NKF as an organisation continues to be able to do the right thing; that our integrity is not compromised and our operations are not compromised.”

The NKF chairman appears very worried about the case affecting donations and made multiple pleads through the media to “help” NKF:

“I feel extremely sad, because Edmund is a very good CEO, one of the best … I believe NKF is progressing. Then this happened. This is one man’s personal indiscretion. It must not affect the whole organisation and I’m talking to you as Singaporeans; as friends. Please help us … don’t let this one case destroy us.”


Source: http://statestimesreview.com

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