Nazem Suki: Security Companies Should Consider Hiring More Malay-Muslim APOs From Malaysia

May I refer 7 of my uni grad friends to Cisco Certis or any other security companies. They are keen to be a auxiliary police officers or security officers in Singapore. For obvious reasons of the good SGD salary and currency exchange rates.

Graduated from :

Australia Uni
1) Queensland Uni of Technology
2) Uni of Adelaide
3) Griffith Uni

Canada Uni
4) Uni of Western Ontario
5) Uni of Toronto

England Uni
6) Uni of Warwick

7) Uni of Pittsburgh

Nationality : Citizen of Malaysia (Bumiputera)
Gender & Age : Male in late 20s
Employment : Employed and semi-employed
Race : Malay
Religion : Islam

They are seriously over qualified but they believed the prospects and career in Singapore as security personnel is fulfilling.

All of them, and myself discussed this prospects 2hrs ago and concluded that once they get accepted, many more will join them.

What say you?


Source: Mohamed Nazem Suki

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