Singaporean Auxiliary Officer Not Good Enough?

I am a auxiliary officer and have been working for close to 2 years. I have many friends that apply security part time work after they finish polytechnic. Nowadays i see there is more demand for security type of jobs.

But now they are outsourcing to Taiwanese? I know people that are willing to do security job work ok, so don’t say that local Singaporeans don’t want security jobs. People are already looked down for choosing security guard as their first job after finishing school. It doesn’t help these people’s confidence in the job. If employers want to retain them, they must do something. Only officers like us will know this feeling.

Even salary difference between us and the future Taiwanese officers is so big. What’s the differences they have to get more starting pay than us? They graduate from their own uni we graduate from poly but end up, we do same job. If do same job then why give them higher pay….so they coming here to become supervisors? I have my own family to feed and take care of my parents. actually we should get higher pay.


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