Give Singaporeans A Chance, Don’t Compromise Safety And Security By Hiring Foreign APOs

Singapore security and safety should be taken care by Singaporeans or at least SPR. No ..No to foreigners! Auxillary police companies should redesign the work of auxillaey police officers so that they will attract more Singaporeans into the workforce.

They should emulate the Singapore Police Force or better than SPF. Offer better worklife balance and higher remuneration due to the high risk and high demand of work.

I am sure out of thousands Singaporean retrenched workers in 2016 , ord NSmen and young school leavers and graduates could be attracted if they are given better worklife balance and emplyment package.

There are something wrong with the HR departments in these large companies. There are many potential Singapore candidates who have applied and never even shortlisted for interviews. Why they making difficult for Singaporeans to work in their companies.

They don’t even give opportunities to many of the Singaporean applicants who were rejected. They set high requirements for Singaporean applicants and substandard requirements for foreign applicants. We can see that in the transport and service industries where majority foreign workers can’t even speak English being employed against Singaporeans who can speak English.

Govt should scrutinise the HR practices of these companies….mabye the management aren’t Singaporeans and building their foreign based of workers here.


Source: Baharudin Nordin

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