Charity Food Drive February 2017

Salam Admin,

Maaf ye Tumpang lalu..


On this beautiful Friday morning..

Let’s start our day with Sadaqah..

Generous donors can comment below or pm me..

Do help me press the share button as well.

My last food drive was in november 2016. Seeing the receipients’ smiles on their faces makes me feel more motivated to do it again..

Our next charity food drive will be in Feb 2017..

Let’s do this again..

50 families will be chosen to be given dry rations..

Here are the items :
1. 5kg NTUC Rice
2. 2l oil
3. Maggi
4. Eggs
5. Vermicelli
6. Sardine
7. Cream Crackers
8. Tea
9. Coffee
10. Sugar
11. Salt
12. Rencah Bee Hoon / Nasi Goreng Adabi
13. Frozen Chicken
14. Habhal Soy Sauce

Or contribute $40 for 1 set of the listed products.

Thank You


Source: Cahaya Hatimu

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