The Yishun Dream Or Nightmare?

I was looking for a project to work on whenever I’m procrastinating, and I eventually settled on doing something about Yishun, following the spate of crazy incidents that have happened there in recent years. So, I designed a website and compiled an interactive map that marked down (almost) every noteworthy incident – murders, suicides, vice, shitty luck, cursed environment and the crazy folks – from as far back as 2008. There are articles and accompanying multimedia about each incident, conveniently color-coded and categorised, so this one-stop resource about the dystopian town is about as exhaustive as it can get.

I wanted to see if it was pure media hype or something that bears genuine concern, and while I still feel the town’s notorious reputation was a classic case of over-representation in the alternative media, there are some incidents that really made me scratch my head in awe. In particular, there is one very distinctive area where most of the stuff happens – an area enclosed by Yishun Ring Road which I termed “The Devil’s Ring”. Over half of what grabbed the headlines in Yishun happened within that circle. The other notable spot is along Yishun Ave 2. That road is cursed, period.

There is definitely some merit in claiming that Yishun is a place of loonies and psychopaths. Here are some of my favorite stories – when reading their headlines, you kinda know it happened in Yishun:

1) Man strips and plays with his genitals once MRT enters Yishun (

2) Man loses temper after cashier ran out of spoons for his yogurt (

3) Two accidents at the same exact spot within 15 minutes (

4) Academically-poor students banned from celebrating Racial Harmony Day (

5) Resident didn’t know she was growing watermelons that were hanging outside her house (

6) 1.5m-long monitor lizard appears outside lift (

7) LTA spent 100 days building bicycle path, but tears it down the day after it was completed (

8) Crazy cat lady abandoned 39 cats in her HDB flat (

9) Women booked $0.20 Uber ride to Yishun, got dumped at police station in Ubi (

10) Bus catches fire but passengers don’t want to alight (

There are many more, including six tragic murders, cat killers, and very interesting characters in the area. Hopefully, you guys would enjoy the stories I’ve gathered on the site, and to all my followers living in Singapore’s most dystopian town, may the invisible guy in the sky have mercy on your souls.

Onwards to the next project!

p.s. The map is best viewed on a desktop/laptop

Source: Lhu Wen Kai

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