Goh Meng Seng: Politicians Beware – Politics Is Dirty

Thought of the Day – Dirty Politics

Politics are dirty, many people say. I always reply that it is only as dirty as the politicians.

There are numerous political assassinations in history along with persecution by means of false accusations made against political opponents in all era.

The most recent assassination of the half-brother of North Korean paramount leader is another prime example that such ruthless dirty politics still exists.

Some of the most common tricks in the “more civilized” way of “fixing” the political opponents involve planting incriminating “evidences” that could be used against them.

In the 20th century, we have also witnessed outright assassination of politicians and this include the supposedly most liberal place with full democracy installed, i.e. the assassination of JFK.

Ironically, USA’s CIA and British MI6 which come from supposedly “democratic” countries, were and still are involved in covert operations which include political assassinations as well.

Thus, dirty politics of political assassinations aren’t exclusive to communist regimes or dictatorship.

Although in Singapore, there is no record of bloody political assassinations, but framing political opponents and potential threats had happened and will happen still. Right from 1960s throughout 1980s, the use of detention without trial under ISA was rampant. The Power that be did not need to justify their brutal abuse of ISA in detaining their political opponents and such detention had lasted not only years but decades for some.

Apart from that, there were also records of falsifying of evidences by the ruling party to falsely accuse potential political threats. The most prominent one is none other than Tan Wah Piow’s case which he was falsely accused of rioting with false evidences planted by the shamed Phey Yew Kok.

Personally, I have told my dear wife, right from the very first day I stepped into Singapore’s opposition politics, I am prepared for the worse to happen to me. Whatever happens to me, I told her to stay away from Singapore and never come back.

For many of the politician wannabe out there, be warned of the dire consequences of dirty politics. If you cannot afford the heavy price of dirty politics, please keep away from it. It would be naive to believe that there is such thing called “benevolent politicians or dictatorship”.

One of my comrade announced to my group, “Congrats all. We are now officially on Mossad’s hit list..” after our People’s Power Party has issued our Press Statement in protest of Israel PM’s visit to Singapore. Well, this may be made in jest but there is always possibility of dirty politics everywhere, especially from those who don’t respect Human Rights. Especially so for the Zionists.

We shall constantly remind ourselves that we must be ready to face the ultimate persecution of dirty politics, death.

Goh Meng Seng


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