Religion Problem Should Be Settled By Religious Bodies: MUIS Can Do It


Because of a video footage that was shared around Facebook, an imam at Masjid Jamae and Khairudin Aljunied become involved in a police investigation. The imam was alleged to have promoted ill will or violence against the Jews and Christians in our country. And Mr Khairudin is being investigated for encouraging vilification. All because of one busybody who take video and spread around, a small matter that can be peacefully resolved jadi besar. Since the thing already happened, our Muslim community have to look forward and work together to settle the problem.

But how can a religion problem be investigated by police or secular body? It was a good thing that some MPs suggested that MUIS and PERGAS help in the case and assist along the police. Isn’t this a problem in the muslim community, so we muslims people should have a say and right to the way the matter is settled. Right?

As for the imam, clearly something is wrong until someone decide to take a video of his sermon. But what the Imam say is from the Quran. We cannot challenge what is written and said in the Quran. MUIS should look into it as nowadays mosque sermons is handled by them, so MUIS is relevant in the investigation.

It is not saying without MUIS we cannot have racial harmony or peace with other religion. Let me esplain, the case is posted on the internet meaning everyone can reply to this. But until today, did anybody comment help to slow down tension and settle the problem? Saya rasa tidak kan. Thats why we need MUIS assistance to coordinate and help make all our voices become one.

I might not know much but I hope that this religion issue can be settled by our own muslim community and not involve others or government. It is a small issue, it can be solved. Banyak masalah akan timbul jikalau terlalu banyak tangan terlibat.

Terima kasih dan salam sejahtera.



Mohd Noh


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