Malay Woman Seeks Fund To Help Save Dog After Hit-And-Run

A Malay woman who caught the attention of netizens for rescuing a badly injured dog in Malacca on Saturday (March 4) is now hoping the public could donate to help fund the mongrel’s surgery.

The girl known on Facebook as Ziezie Zeyta said on her profile last night that while she has received some donation, the amount was still insufficient to cover the medical cost, which she said was RM1,500 (S$475).

“[God bless], thank you so much to everyone who donated to help save the dog… I hope Allah will bless you all with good health and prosperity,” Ziezy wrote.

“But according to the latest information the fund is still insufficient to cover the cost. I plead for your kindness to help donate a little for surgery and the ward.

“Only Allah can repay your good deeds,” she added.

Pictures of the mongrel’s X-ray scans, which accompanied the woman’s post, showed the dog’s left leg was severely broken.

She wrote on her Facebook:

Terima kasih pd anda semua yg telah membantu menyumbang kn dana pd Anjing ini..semoga anda semua diberkati Allah dan di Murah kan rezeki.

Maklumat Terkini Kos Rawatan Masih Lagi Tidak Mencukupi. Mohon Jasa Baik Anda Semua Untuk Memberi Sedikit Sumbangan Kepada Kos Rawatan Anjing ini melakukan Operation dan ward. Hanya Allah sahaja yang mampu membalas jasa baik anda semua.

Sumbangan boleh di buat di Akaun Tersebut: Kos operation RM1500 termasuk warded 2 minggu dan ubat.
Acc no. bank cimb-
‭8007776310‬ Maju animal clinic. Sila Hantar Pic Resit Untuk Kami Beri Kepada pihak veterinar. Atau anda Boleh Terus Menghubungi Norashikin Ahmad


Source: Ziezie Zeyta

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