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Pet Death In Changi At The Hands Of Singapore Airlines; Call For Justice For Charlie

JUSTICE for CHARLIE and all other pets at the mercy of NEGLIGENT AIRLINES Please be wary of transporting your pet by SINGAPORE AIRLINES Their negligence killed our pet Charlie. We had planned to take our pet by Singapore Airlines to…
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Grabhitch Nightmare: Stuck With Obnoxious Driver, Male Muslim Passenger Also Gets Bitten By Driver’s Chihuahua

Hello everyone, I have a personal story to share with you. It’s an extremely important one if you are a frequent user of apps such as Grab or Uber. On 25 Dec, after my work had ended during my shift…
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Auntie Anne’s: No More ‘Pretzel Dog’, Now It’s Halal ‘Pretzel Sausage’

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28 ― The local chapter of US pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s confirmed today that it has changed the name of its “pretzel dog” to “pretzel sausage”, after it was reported that they would be denied halal certification…
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