Heroic Republic Poly Staff Saves Family Before Engine Burst

He was taking a break with his colleagues at about 3.30pm on Sunday (March 26) when he saw smoke coming out from the bonnet of a nearby car.

What horrified Mr Ramzie Ramzan, 38, an audio and visual technician with Republic Polytechnic (RP), was a couple with their young daughter, believed to be about six or seven years old, inside the car, which was on Woodlands Avenue 9.

“We ran towards the car, shouting for the family to get out in case the car caught fire or worse, exploded,” he told The New Paper.

Thanks to Mr Ramzie and his colleagues’ quick reactions, the family got out of the car just moments before the engine burst into flames.

By the time Mr Ramzie and his colleagues got to the car, the fire had grown to about the height of the car.

“We then rushed back to the RP control room to grab a few fire extinguishers because we needed to control the fire as it was a busy road.

“It was scary, definitely, but our main concern was ensuring nothing worse happened because it was a busy street with much traffic,” he said.


“It was just a basic instinct. As a father of three, I was just concerned for others and just a spontaneous reaction to help,” he said.


Source: www.tnp.sg

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