Dr Khairudin Aljunied: I Wish To Apologise Unreservedly To Singaporeans And NUS

Dear Friends,

1. I refer to my posts on social media which were made on 1-2 March 2017, titled “The Imam and the Silly Convert” and “The Imam and the Wised up Convert Reloaded”.

2. I wish to acknowledge that I had made the posts without a full understanding of the facts on the ground, and I wish to say that I disagree with the Imam making such supplications during his sermon, and I did not know that the supplications were not an extract of the Quran. I do note that the Imam has since apologised earlier yesterday for the recent incident.

3. I also wish to say that whilst my posts could be seen as being supportive of the Imam, and I was wrong to have put them up.

4. I had meant it as a fictional account and not in support of anyone in particular. My posts were meant to show how Muslims can settle differences between them in a peaceful and amicable way.

5. I now wish to apologise unreservedly to Singaporeans and NUS, since my posts were supportive of what the Imam had said. I undertake not to repeat my conduct.

Best Regards,

Khairudin Aljunied


Source: Khairudin Aljunied

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