Singaporean Malays Display Unity, Rally Behind Najip Ali

It’s funny how an unfunny joke on show that Singaporeans don’t watch, but apparently watched by Malaysians, can create so much controversy. It’s an over-reaction and that Zed Zaidi definitely is one Melayu you cannot trust. He’s full of agendas.

I may be Malay too but I totally cannot identify with Zed Zaidi. This idiot dared to use the word “serumpun” to describe the ties that bind Singapore and Malaysian Malays Well the moron can go tie himself up for all I care. A self-serving, self-important has-been, looking to score political points at Najip Ali’s expense. Kau happy tak Zed dapat mengampu PM kau????

I am behind Najip Ali all the way. And all Singapore Malays are behind Najip too.

I think the good think that has come of this is that it has rallied Singaporean Malay together. You read the comments and reactions to Zed Zaidi. No one should question our loyalty to Singapore!



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