Malaysia Foreign Ministry Notes Apology, Why Zed Zaidi Still Barking?

The common perception is that people from you can trust people from your own race and religion more than you can trust others of different background. Seems like Zed Zaidi is on a one-man mission to dispel this notion. He is really trying his darndest to make life difficult for Singaporean Malay artistes in Malaysia, to limit their working opportunities there. Bangsa, bahasa, budaya, agama dan karya taruk tepi….

I think what everyone wants to know, Malaysians and Singaporeans alike, is, what’s wrong with him????

He doesn’t accept the apology. So what? Zed Zaidi thinks he is more powerful and influential than he actually is. Najip Ali and other Singaporean artistes can continue to earn a living because they have the talent and the dedication.

Even Malaysia Foreign Ministry also noted the apology already and stated its wish that something like that do not re-occur, to preserve the good ties between the two countries?

Zed Zaidi thinks he is more important that the foreign ministry?

Empty vessels make the most noise.


Seniman Seniwati

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