No Time, So My Wife Gave Birth At Home With Help Of Very Pro SCDF Officers

I would like to convey my appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to the paramedic officers from Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Ambulance AB 113 namely: Prm kitshan (officer in charge), Medic Shafiq rhymia and medic Samo Iqbal.

Officer in charge Kitshan had delivered my baby boy in my own house this morning at approximately 8.25am. She was very experienced, composed and exceedingly professional in the delivery of my 2nd baby boy. I hereby pay kudos to her and pay utmost respect to her and her teammates for their assistance.

My wife and baby are well taken care of and in good hands. SCDF indeed train their staffs well. Their performance were remarkable and my family felt that we were in good hands under the care of Officer Kitshan.

My wife and baby are now in the hospital resting. I hereby wish to send my gratefulness to the SCDF officers especially officer Kitshan for being there for us.

We understand that SCDF doesn’t allow any hamper or gift as appreciation so hereby we can only express our respect to you via email and Facebook. Thank you yet again.

Please help to tag, Prm kitshan (officer in charge), Medic Shafiq rhymia and medic Samo Iqbal if you happen to know them. From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank them once again. An official letter of appreciation had been sent to your Quality Sevice Officer Colonel Ng for the tremendous effort rendered.

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Source: Kean Ho Zhiqian

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