Parents Beware! Stranger At Joo Chiat Complex Threatened To Harm My 3 Year Old Daughter

Please Please Please!!!! Be careful all parents out there!!! This just happened to my biras earlier today.. Do take xtra care of our children..we dont know when and where it might happen again.. #sharingiscaring

On 02/05/17, at about 1400hrs, I was sitting on the bench located at level 2 of Joo Chiat Complex, beside the lift lobby, with two of my children. One of them is my son, Yusuf Abayar, which is 5 months old, and the other is my daughter, Zaada As’isyah, which is 3 years old.

While I was sitting at the bench, I was approached by an unknown male subject. He asked me the gender of my boy. I answered him. He started to mumble to himself whether he should buy raffia string or rope.

He then said that he will buy the rope. After that, he looked at my daughter and said, ‘Aku ikat kaki kau lepas tu tangan kau, aku sumbat mulut kau kasi senyap. I will kill you’. In English, it basically means that “I will tie your hands and legs, I will stuff things in your mouth and I will silence you. I will kill you.’ After that, one of the aunty told me to follow her, in which I did and we walked away from the male subject. He did not follow.

I do not know the male subject and have never seen him before. He is a Male Malay, about 50+ years old wearing Black T-Shirt and Black Jeans, with short curly black hair and he had one eye open and one eye seemingly closed when speaking to me. I was wearing a black dress an light brown flower scarf. I was carrying a baby carrier.

I would like to state that there is a CCTV at the lift lobby area.



Source: Sri Nurul

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