Damanhuri Bin Abas: Singaporeans Cannot Take Back CPF Likely Because Money Disappeared Through ‘Brilliant’ Investment Decisions (GIC)

People should be very very very angry about this. Why not!!! We are told we cannot take back our CPF when we all know now most likely it is because they can’t honour our money since many have disappeared through brilliant investment decision by this million dollar led financial maestro.

A pastor went to jail for $40 million financial mismanagement and we become all righteous criticising his dishonesty yet silent and tolerate worst abuse of power. We demand accountability from WP for APHTC over peanuts compared to far humongous public money thrown away as cheap lunches. Lets make it right Singapore. Demanding accountability from our government is our right and duty in a democracy. The only language that they will listen is through the ballot.

We may have this opportunity come September in the upcoming Presidential election and we pray and hope our Courts will act justly to allow Dr Tan Cheng Bock to contest and if Mdm Halimah is the government’s candidate we may have a break via a GRC by-election for MYT to put 4 SDP candidates into parliament to make those Ministers sweat and work hard for their lunches instead of simply taking away ours.


Source: Damanhuri Bin Abas

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