Foreigners Should Not Be Allowed To Drive Heavy Vehicles

Dear editors,

In response to the serious accident that happen along AYE near Benoi, I think it’s time for the LTA and Traffic police to adopt the following measures:

1. Ban foreigners from driving commercial vehicles, make Singapore commercial vehicles companies come out with good welfare and pay structures.

2. Install a tamper proof speed limiter on all commercial vehicles and that the speed limiter must be sealed with tampered prof seal and sealing sticker and place at a visible position and traffic police and LTA wardens must be trained to differentiate a working and a tampered one. If a commercial vehicle is found to exceed speed limit, impound the vehicle straightaway and do a forensic test on the speed limiter to determine who is the culprit tampering with it and charge the culprit with an offence either culpable attempted homicide or attempted manslaughter/murder.

3. Install a track if device on all commercial vehicles and pegged to the Traffic police systems so that all vehicle movement and driver’s actions will be tracked thoroughly, if any mistakes if found, remedial action can be taken immediately.

4. Stop the import of commercial vehicles with turbo engines and high torque/ horsepower. These vehicles are able of going beyond speed limits and order current vehicle owner with such vehicles to scrap and replace them immediately, or modified the engines so that the turbo can be removed.

With all these suggestions, it will definitively improve driving habits and discipline on heavy vehicle drivers. Banning the vehicles or restricting them thoroughly is not going to solve the problem.


A.S.S. Contributor



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