On Death Of SSG Nadzrie Matin: Let Us All Just Be Humans

Some of you may be shocked at the over powering grief.. some suprised with the profile pic changes.. some may feel its no big a deal… some may even be happy and say as a TP officer he deserved it… but let me share what I do know

He must have woken up early this morning like every other Muslim for Sahur… he must have shared a meal with his wife and his loved ones at home.. little did anyone know that was the last meal together as a family

He would have gone to work and changed into his whites.. the rest of the male team mates together with him sharing the usual banter and tcss.. little did anyone know that be the last time he was getting into his whites

He would then have attended inpection and briefing by his TL.. the TL talking about the lastest instructions and other matters of the day.. little did anyone know thats the last briefing he attended

He wld have gone to the garage, checked his motorcycle and loaded his equipment.. same time talking anf laughing with hia fellow team mates..

He wld have put on his helmet.. radioed in to his colleagues and checked in his call sign before leaving TP…..

He wld have rode to the main gate.. smiled and waved at the sentry and tuned out from the station.. little did anyone know he was never coming back

Today, someone lost a son, husband, brother, best friend, colleague… everyone who knows him is left to come to terms on what has happened and find solace n strenght to carry on

You may say his death is no diffrent to any other fatal road accident.. the loss, the grief, the ppl affected… i totally agree with that view….


He was the thin blue line that seperates the good from the bad… just like every other police officer of any rank and any vocation… so although I never knew him, it pains n hurts me to see the videos n pics being circulated…. the helpless npco holding on to him, hands covered in blood without gloves….. the TP IOs having to secure the scene.. the bosses who had to break the news to the family

Its been a trying day for the SPF… life will still go on… police cars will patrol, tp bikes will chase, road blocks will still continie… just cut the TP boys n gals some slack with the comments and viral videos.. let us grieve for one of us without distractions

Lets just be human

RIP SSGT Nadzrie


Source: Ramesh Vincent

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