Nazem Suki: Middle East Political Turmoil – No Military Intervention Needed, Islam Remains Uniting Force

Many are asking how we, the Muslims in Singapore & in this region, will respond to the current political crisis in the Middle East.

I put forward these responds;

1) We do not take sides between one brother state to the other. We love all of them in the spirit of Islamic brotherhood.
2) We urge all parties to reconcile political differences diplomatically in brotherhood.
3) We trust the basis of reconciliation is recorded & enshrined in the holy Quran & the Sunnah.
4) We believe the interest of the Ummah precedes all political interest.
5) We will not be pressured or forced to fix alliance with one state from the other.
6) We do not subscribed to military intervention.
7) Islam remains a uniting force of the Ummah of diverse opinions & political creeds.



Source: Mohamed Nazem Suki

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