Are Majority Malay Families Being Priced Out Of Geylang Serai By Expensive Hipster Fare?

And so yday before iftar, I brought my kids to Geylang just for them to get something which they want to eat before Ramadhan ends. We have yet to stepped in Geylang and maybe yday shall be the first and the last we went there Do not favour the atmosphere anymore

But what was most shocking is firstly, I gave them $50 to buy what they want to buy. Upon reaching home, I asked, how much they spent and my boy replied $40. The moment when they placed their food on the table, I began questioning the price of individual food coz I don’t see anything much on the table…coz I thought if it’s $40 then the table must be full right?

Mummy goes screaming when he pointed a plate of small Rainbow bagel with a meat in between that comes with curly fries and it cost him $15

Whattttt????!!!!! This is just Super crazy! And Mr Husband Faizal Kasiran says…”They sure know their target audience!” Haizzzzz…..

I am so disappointed. Very very disappointed…it’s not about the food and my boy but it’s just about the seller whose reaping lots of profit in this beautiful holy month

And yah….I just couldn’t get over it till now….so utterly upset



Source: Sha Ismail

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