Ismail Kassim: Prioritise Muslim Unity Before All Else

Who liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders? Of course, all Muslims know it is Saladin, the magnificent, the courageous, the benevolent.

How many realise that Saladin is a Kurd by ethnicity. How many know that the Al-Sauds and the Wahhabis nowadays regard all Kurds as heretics.

I am both angry and sad at ignorant Muslims who, having been fed poison and misled by their respective teachers, are quick to condemn other Muslims as heretics.

They are free to practice their narrow-minded and pedantic form of Islam, but they should refrain from bad-mouthing other Muslims.

Just think why Trump is supporting the Saudis. Is it because he loves Islam or is it because he likes Sunnis more than the Shias.

Or is he encouraging the bloodshed among Muslims to enrich himself and his army of arms manufacturers
and US industry.

Remember how the Saudis and the US instigated the megalomaniac Saddam Hussein to attack Iran.

The result one million Muslims died on the battlefields and thousands of Americans became billionaires.

To me, I am a Muslim; not Shia, not Sunni and faithful only to the Prophet of Islam and to no other.


Source: Ismail Kassim

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