Open Letter To Lee Wei Ling And Lee Hsien Yang From Non-PAP Voter: Enough Is Enough

Enough is enough please. This is my final posting ever on this family dispute that should have never gone public, and should either be in the court, or just private.

Yes, you both seem to be on the Singaporeans side recently. You spoke out against the evil government, and stated your stand that you have lost confidence in your brother, and also in his capacity as the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Firstly, where were you both, when Singaporeans needed people of immense influence like you both? Where were you both when your own late father tried to fix the opposition figures, and did many things, which may not be as democratic as we want him to be? Now, you appear to be on the side of people who once you never even bothered (at least from the public sphere). We were told you both intended also to bring up this issue during the previous General Elections, but you both did not? Why? Didn’t you say you were on the side of the Singaporeans, and in this case, people who are against such “evil” government? Why now? It is a little too late. I cannot see, feel, or understand the sincerity or genuine concern for Singapore or Singaporeans. I only feel you are doing this for selfish reasons which got nothing to do with Singapore or Singaporeans. You felt the heat like any other who went against the government. Just because you have the luxury of being associated as LKY’s children, does not mean, you will be spared from the same treatment as any other people who are opposing the government. So, please leave the kitchen, if you can’t bear the heat.

Secondly, how can you both do this to your elder brother? If you feel you are afraid of him, and his misuse of the state’s organs, and you really want to leave Singapore, then leave Singapore. Why bring us into this family dispute? You certainly did not do this for Singapore or Singaporeans. So you should have left Singapore, or go to a Court in Singapore, and settle this. Then, today, you brought up Mdm Ho Ching (a very respectable woman who I admire her humble ways) as someone representing the PMO. Isn’t she also the daughter-in-law of LKY and the wife of the Prime Minister of Singapore? If this is how you both younger siblings behave when you have a family dispute, I can only imagine how bad it could be to be your eldest brother for both of you to turn against him. It is so shameful for all of us Singaporeans, that now, the children of the late LKY are doing this in public and on the world stage. You both may not be politicians or statesmen, but can you think for Singapore and Singaporeans a bit? Your father chose to be the first prime minister of Singapore, and he was so successful that today, we are having these issues because of how inspiring and successful he was as our first Prime Minister. Whether, he manipulated the laws, the media, or whatever, he succeeded to make Singapore what it is today. I always feel so proud of the Singapore he and our pioneering leaders have built. Yes, I never voted for PAP, because I want the government to do more. They have the best people, and they should do even more for the people, and I simply want them to do that. It is like a teacher not wanting to give full marks to a child, because the child is not maximising his potential.

Thirdly, do you know where your brother live? Can you pay him a visit? Have a cup of tea, play the chinese chess again, and speak to him. I do not think he is such a bad person. Yes I know he at times fixes the opposition, does all the dirty politics, but he is a politician, isn’t he? Most important thing to ask is, did he at least try to do his best for the country? Yes I think he did. His team did, but of course, nobody is perfect. I still cannot understand why the three of you all cannot just sit down in a room, and talk like you three are actually born from the same pair of parents. The most saddening part is, you three are the children of a man, not only I respect and deeply appreciate a lot, but many people around the world do too! When you take this public, for whatever reasons, you are slowly eroding the legacy left behind by your dad. It is sad for him to watch this from above – watching you both going against your eldest brother. I know, yes, PAP government can be “evil” at times. It was worst during LKY and Mr Goh Chok Tong’s tenures as PM. I would say your eldest brother is milder, and he is opening up more, and I would say, even though, this is not the best leadership we have, they have their strengths and weaknesses. For me, I only care for what’s best for Singapore and Singaporeans. The politicians can do the politics as much as they want. PAP is not the only party with undesirable politicians. I can fairly say, all political parties share the same features.

Lastly, I would rather you both leave Singapore, than to remain in Singapore and do this to Singapore. Do you seriously believe suddenly the government of Singapore is going to change, and suddenly you no longer feel the heat? Do you not know the government of Singapore enough? They already decided everything before they bring out any issue to discuss in Singapore. Now that you are on the receiving end of this government, you want to save us from this government? Sorry. No thanks. I still prefer this government that I am opposing for issues that I think they should work on. The government is not perfect, will never be. Your brother, our Prime Minister, is not perfect, will never be. But at least, he has given his life to politics, what have you both done for Singapore lately? Posting on Facebook information which should be in the court now. Your actions have swung me more to the side of your eldest brother though. Poor him.

Side Note: I had sent an email to the three siblings, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Dr Lee Wee Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang. Only PM has responded, through the PMO staff that he had received the email. The other two siblings, did not respond. My email was sent with the intention of getting you all three to be a family again. Do you not want to deal this as a family, than this mess? I think highly of your parents’ children. They had a part to play to make this wonderful Singapore. And they I know have raised you three siblings well, and for me to witness this, is breaking my heart into pieces, simply because I am a human being who cares for harmony in a family. What more your family.

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