Fanning The Flames Of Love At Jurong Fire Station

Jurong Fire Station, which is due to be demolished later this year and relocated to 22 Jurong West Street 26, holds many memories for the many firefighters and paramedics that have been based there.

When Jurong Fire Station leaves its current site at 25 Boon Lay Drive later this year to move to a new location, it will close its doors on the sweet memories of two people who fell in love there.

One morning in April 2001, Senior Warrant Officer 2 Mohamed Nur Azli was about to head home after ending his night duty when he heard Sergeant Maisya’s lively chatter fill the station.

Maisya had joined the station that morning as a trainee paramedic while Azli was on his second day of duty as a full paramedic after completing his training.

“She came to the station all chirpy and very noisy, I recall asking my colleague who the new girl was,” said Azli.

At the end of 2001, the pair had the chance to get to know each other better when they participated in the Civil Defence Skills Challenge (CDSC), which is now known as the Singapore-Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge (SGFPC), and which was a race to test the participants’ life-saving skills. The couple was paired together and they started to bond.

While participating in the challenge, the pair realised that they worked well together and were subsequently chosen to represent the 4th Civil Defence division in the inter-divisions competition.

And that was when the seeds of love started to bloom.

A few weeks after the challenge, they walked out of the gates of Jurong Fire Station and headed for their first date. That first date eventually led to them getting married in August 2002.

“We had different off days, but I would come back to the station on my off days specially to leave chocolates and a note on his table in the paramedics’ office,” Maisya said.



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