Police Currently Investigating Xinmin Primary School “Beginning” Teacher

Remember the video about the man who got caught taking an upskirt video of a lady on the mrt? He is actually found to be Mr David James Chua a teacher at Xinmin Primary School with the help of internet savvy individuals. A representative from the school Mr Clement Lee has confirmed that David is the man caught on video and that he is also a “beginning teacher” at the said school.

If you didn’t know, the 2 minutes plus clip shows a man using his mobile phone on board a train and later placing the phone – with the camera facing up – at one end of his duffel bag. He then lowers the bag and briefly moves it close to the legs of a woman in a skirt standing behind him.

The incident happened along the Circle Line from MacPherson station to Paya Lebar station. A police report has been lodged and investigations are ongoing.  PE teacher is also currently on leave from school.

Ape nak jadi ni siol? And now most people will have this question in their minds.. can we  trust the teachers to guide our children in schools?






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