Uber Auntie Took My Mother’s IPhone, Lied She Didn’t Take It, Scolded Me For Following Her

This morning, I book an uber for my mum and Niece to kovan. My mum alight without knowing that she left behind her phone inside the car. Call her back and she say” I turn around see, that’s no phone” I left with no choice but to find my iphone apps to track whereabout. Tailgate her till Alexandra and I when in to her car this is our conversation went..

Me: hi Aunty, can I have my mum phone back?
Her: I never took it.
Me: don’t mind I call my mum phone?
Her: start to panicked..
Me: ring ring..
Her: took out the phone and still shouted me like as if I owe her a living..
Me: Aunty, first of all don’t try to take passenger phone anymore. Uber didn’t teach you that once found passenger phone, must report to the uber?
Her: you cannot tailgate me just like that to take back your mum phone
Me: if I didn’t tailgate you, would you pass back my mum phone?
Her: silent..

For U/G Drivers pls take note.. we have many important documents inside our personal phone.. pls return to the passenger if you found those.

* for this Aunty who dunno how I track her down
I’m using find my iphone app
Hope you won’t do the same thing again!

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Source: Wan Um Grande

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