Jambu Staff Sgt Saw Boys Playing Soccer At Void Deck, Boys Didn’t Cabut Because She Got Mad Football Skills

It’s another fine weather day. Staff Sergeant Hazwani from the Community Policing Unit (CPU) of Hougang NPC proved that girls can be as good, if not, better than boys when it comes to football.

She was patrolling the neighbourhood when she came across a group of students. The students had just finished their classes and were playing football.

Staff Sergeant Hazwani joined the students and exchanged some football skills. She demonstrated her football juggling skills which mesmerised the students. Incidentally, Staff Sergeant Hazwani is also a Delta League Mentor. As a mentor, she guides an all girls team in an islandwide biannual futsal competition.

Lastly, we wish to remind all to look after your belongings while you are enjoying your activities in public.

Sports and outdoor activities are great for the mind and staying healthy. But do stay free from gangs and vices.



Source: Hougang NPC

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