Commentary: Do Muslims Actually Want To Live In Homogeneous Society & Fence Up From Everything Not Islam Or Islam Enough?

Sometimes I wonder, really wonder, whether some Muslims want to actually live in a homogeneous society and fence themselves up from everything that is not Islam or Islam enough.

But then I see them using facebook, whatsapp, smart phones, instagram; drive cars made by kafirs; eat kafir food at kafir franchise fast food restaurants; carry kafir handbags; wear nice little but expensive tudungs made in kafir countries; watch kafir tv; idolise kaya actors, actresses, icons who drape themselves with kafir made jewelries and attires etc etc etc. Some even drink halal beer.

Many would commit mass pecah amanah secara terbuka by melayan social media waktu kerja or gossiping about some actresses tunjuk peha gebu during office hour (what irony) or lying to the doctor to get mc for an extra day off after a long weekend.

Some would come to my house and actually ask where I bought the chicken and soya drinks that I was serving them. But they would pour chili sauce made by kafir companies, on their steaks no less. (eating steaks with chili sauce in itself is a sin).

Really, aku tak paham perangai depa ni semua.

Apakah persetubuhannya yang depa mau?



Source: Azhar Harun

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