8 Beautiful Quotes By Fatima, Daughter Of The Prophet

In many Islamic calendars, today is narrated to be the day that Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, met her Lord.

It is an unfortunate reality that her beautiful wisdom has been somewhat left out of the pages of history by many Islamic scholars over the past millennia. Today around the world where women are having to constantly fight for equality and yearning empowerment, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad has never been more relevant, herself a beacon of female empowerment and equality.

We searched through the dusty books of history (metaphorically speaking) to bring you 8 beautiful quotes by this wonderful lady:

1. On Justice

“God has ordered justice for making hearts intimate and upright.”

2. On Prayer

“God provided the daily prayers to make you pure from pride.”

3. On Charity

“God prescribed charity for the purification of the soul and for the increase of sustenance.”

4. On Parents

“God has regarded benevolence and kindness to parents as a shield against His resentment.”

5. On Patience

“God has made patience helpful in attaining its its fruits (compensation).”

6. On Theft

“God has condemned Robbery to keep a society pure with perfect piety.”

7. On Honesty

“God has recommended Honesty in sales by use of correct measures and weights in order to prevent fraud and deception”

8. On Praying for Others

When her son Al-Hassan observed her praying into the night for others, he asked her why she didn’t pray for anything for herself, to which she replied –

“My son! Neighbours first, our household next.”

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