Fund Raising For Ahmad Fahrin’s Medical Treatment In Taiwan

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I am Dalilah Hani, wife of Ahmad Fahrin. We are raising funds for Fahrin to receive medical treatment in Taiwan for a spinal cord regeneration treatment at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital. 3 years ago, on the 11th of August, my husband Fahrin, met with a road traffic accident while on his way home from work. The motorcycle he was riding was part of a chain collision on the Pan-Island Expressway. He collided with a car and was flung from his bike, landing on the hood of the car. As a result, he sustained a traumatic brain injury and spinal injury that left him paralysed from neck down.

At the point of the accident, we had just received the keys to our own home and I had just given birth to a 3-month old baby girl. We were just building our lives. We had loads of plans and dreams that got shattered in a blink of an eye. He wasn’t able to hold our daughter and missed out on alot of her milestones due to his long stay in the hospital. And due to the injuries, he has been certified permanently incapacitated to work leaving me as the sole breadwinner.

When Fahrin was brought to the Accident & Emergency department at National University Hospital, doctors had to perform an emergency operation and had prepared us for the worst. They predicted only a 15% chance of survival. But we took any chance we had and by God’s will he made it through. And for that, we are utterly thankful. But his road to recovery was a long and rocky one with multiple surgeries that followed to help him to stabilise. Since the accident, he depends fully on the motorized wheelchair for mobility and needs help to perform activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, transferring and toileting.

He spent approximately 12 months away from home comprising of about 2 weeks in Intensive Care Unit, 2 months in High Dependency ward and 4 months in a regular ward before being transferred out to a rehabilitation hospital where he was for about 6 months. But even then he was not spared from hospital stays as he still needed to be warded for subsequent seizures, urine infection as well as for pain management.

His main Consultant who has been giving us advice has high hopes in his recovery. However, he feels that Fahrin has not benefited much from the treatment here. We were informed that he might benefit from a spinal cord regeneration procedure (currently a study) in Taiwan. The estimated amount needed for his treatment in Taiwan is around SGD45,000 which is not covered under our insurance. Your kind donations will go towards Fahrin’s cost of treatment as well as for daily expenses and accommodation in Taiwan. We seek your kind donations and prayers to help ease our journey to recovery, God-willing. And may God bless all of you for your kind help and donations.


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