[Jakarta] Blue Bird Taxi Driver Disciplined After Scolding Foreign Motorist Using Indonesian And Broken English

Blue Bird taxi company has disciplined one of its drivers after a video recording him scolding a foreigner went viral on Monday.

The driver’s anger was apparently triggered by an accident involving the taxi and the foreigner’s car, which caused damage to the taxi’s front fender.

The details of the accident remain unknown. The foreigner vehicle’s plate indicated that it was a diplomatic car.

In the video, the taxi driver cursed the foreigner using Indonesian and broken English.

“Do you think I am afraid with you? This is Indonesia you know, think, think, think,” the driver shouted.

The driver also asked the foreigner to do something about the damage to his car.

“You must compensate it, the bumper is broken, you must replace it, this one, Indonesia,” he said.

Meanwhile, the foreigner looked busy on his cell phone. “No England, no USA, you know. I am no crazy, you crazy. I am not afraid with the police,” he added.

Blue Bird spokesperson Teguh Wijayanto said the incident occurred on Saturday in the Senayan area, South Jakarta.

“We have tried to resolve the problem,”Teguh said Monday, as quoted by kompas.com.

The taxi driver, Teguh added, had been disciplined but he declined to give further details about the matter.

“If we look at the damage, it might have been caused by grazing because the [foreigner’s] car is higher. The damage is on the right side. Compensation will be handled internally. We regret this incident but it can be resolved with care,” Teguh said.


Source: http://www.asiaone.com

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