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[Jakarta] Blue Bird Taxi Driver Disciplined After Scolding Foreign Motorist Using Indonesian And Broken English

Blue Bird taxi company has disciplined one of its drivers after a video recording him scolding a foreigner went viral on Monday. The driver’s anger was apparently triggered by an accident involving the taxi and the foreigner’s car, which caused…
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Sunset Grill & Pub Slammed For Remark About Being Non-Halal And Hanging Confederate Flag In Premises

An eatery famously known for its fiery hot buffalo wings has engulfed itself in metaphorical flames following a careless remark about being proudly non-Halal. According to one former fan of Sunset Grill & Pub, her innocent query about the restaurant’s…
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15-Year-Old Indonesian Teenager Weds 73-Year-Old Bride

A teenage boy has married his 73-year-old lover in a remote village on Indonesia’s Sumatra, officials said, after the unconventional couple threatened a double suicide if their match was thwarted. The romance began when septuagenarian Rohaya Binti Kiagus Muhammad Jakfar…
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