Singapore’s Cat Museum Might Be Closing Due To MND’s Decision And Its Kittens Need A Home

As we move to develop as a nation, we must not forget to help those without a voice.

By the end of September, the orphan kittens and cats up for adoption and living at Singapore’s beloved Cat Museum on Purvis Street will be without a home. This comes after a decision made by the Minister of National Development, Mr. Lawrence Wong, that would prevent visitors (located on the 2nd floor of the same shop house), to meet and adopt the orphaned cats.

Sounds a bit unfair? Well, it is. Unlike cat cafes where cats are constantly stressed from being handled by strangers, the Cat Museum ensures that the cats and visitors are always being supervised. There’s also a strict no food and drinks rule in the museum to avoid any contamination or spreading of germs.

This is also Singapore’s only ‘Mama & Munchkins Nursery’, a programme to care for newborn kittens that no other animal welfare organisation in Singapore has. On top of that, the Cat Museum has held workshops like the Kiddie Cat Camp, which teaches children about proper handling of cats and their welfare.

For now, the Museum will continue to operate from only one floor, while volunteers are working hard to get the orphans re-homed or relocated. There’s not much time left in September, so the next few weekends are crucial fundraising periods for the future of the Cat Museum where a part of the entrance fee to the museum will be set aside for the funds needed or you could always contribute to the cause via their online fundraising page. Time to help out some fur-riends!

Or better yet, have a serious think about giving a kitten a forever home.

Save the Orphan Baby Kittens

We are innocent babies. What have we done to deserve this? Please Save Us…It is a very dark day for us as we announce that we, the Cats & Kittens fostered by the founder in her residence on the 3rd floor of the shop house will soon be homeless. We did our best to meow softly & not be smelly so we passed all National Environment Agency (NEA) inspections & we are healthy so we passed all Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) inspections too! Why?We have been sent an enforcement notice by Ministry of National Development Lawrence Wong, so we will be evicted. Visitors to the Museum will no longer be allowed to meet & adopt us, the orphan cats & kittens.This notice has angered our landlord who will not renew Meowmy’s lease, so even the Supurrstars have to go by the end of September.The saddest news of all is that this marks the end of Singapore’s only Mama & Munchkins Nursery, set-up to save us, the neo-natal babies that no other animal welfare organization in Singapore takes in, as we have to be bottle fed every 3 hours. It also helps save Mamas who were often dumped back on the streets while their babies taken away & re-homed.**Help us! Contribute to the new “Mamas & Munchkins nursery” or a fund transfer to OCBC 686362385001 **Adopt Us! Volunteers are scrambling to rehome & relocate us, orphans.**3 FUND RAISING weekends for the Nursery. • The last 3 weekends of us living on the upper 2 floors will be from Thursday 7- Sunday 24 September. • There will be a premium price for these 3 weeks. $20 for 13 years & above $10 for ALL children 12 years & below. • Sessions will now be 1.5 hour blocks: Thu/Fri: 4-5.30pm or 5.30-7pm. Sat/Sun: 1-2.30pm or 2.30-4pm or 4-5.30pm or 5.30-7pm**Spread the word. Like and share us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Blog about us! Tell your friends & family!An iconic landmark of the civic district, The Cat Museum is an entirely volunteer run project, undertaken with the founder’s personal savings & was launched officially by K Shanmugam Sc Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law on 9 January 2015.For full Press Release:

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