Commentary: The Concrete Plan Behind The Presidential Election (A Malay Edition)

1. First they came and tinker with the presidential system to further entrench their grip on power

2. To do so, they need a pawn to justify the tinkering

3. Enter the Malays

4. Offer highest position available in the country

5. Rationalize by stating that the Malays can never win in an open election

6. Raise the criteria so that only a selected few would be eligible. Limit suprises

7. Call for an election

8. Disqualify anyone not meeting the criteria

9. Achieve a walkover. It doesnt matter that the preferred candidate will forever carry the burden of not having the mandate of the people. Retain control at all cost

11. Declare endorsed candidate winner.

12. Mission accomplished

Well done!


Source: Khan Osman Sulaiman

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