Vandal In Jurong Sprayed Someone’s Car And Was Caught On Camera

Ikmal posted on his FB saying a that a man (in pic below) had sprayed the car of his brother. The vandal’s action was captured on camera. Say cheese bro, your time is coming.

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Ikmal: “You can run but you cant hide my friend. Your mother sure cannot recognize you after this.

Not really sure what transpired before this incident. A video footage of the man sprayed was posted online and Ikmal suggest that people beat up the guy first if they saw him before calling the police afterwards.

Ikmal: “Okay kawan kawan we have one monkey here. Around my block 272 jurong west st 24 kalau jumpa pukul dulu baru call police. Thanks kasi share ni monyet.”


Source: Muhammad Ikmal Pon Boleh

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