Salleh Marican: I Am Disappointed That The PEC Committee Did Not See Me Fit

Mainstream media CNA stated that the reason Second Chance CEO Salleh Marican did not qualify as his firm was “considerably below” the S$500 million shareholders’ equity required. But how many people, even other races, would have qualified in handling over $500 million equity?

Did PAP do their homework thoroughly when they set that 500mil asset requirements to ensure that no “Malay” can match it? Meanwhile, Halimah has managed $0. Look at the loophole PAP has left for itself. Helping your mother to sell nasi lemak in your younger days do not provide you with expertise in handling over $500 million equity.

Singaporeans don’t even comprehend why the need to be qualified in handling huge amount of money is a requirement in serving Singapore as President. If you got heart and passion, you should be eligible. Then for the next election, can we suggest that only people like Jack Ma or Peter Lim are eligible because they will raise the ceiling to a billion and hit PAP’s criteria?

Shortly after the announcement by PEC, Salleh gave the following statement on his FB profile.

“I am disappointed that the committee did not see it fit to give me the go-head to take part in the Presidential Election.

But this doesn’t mean my work to help my fellow citizens comes to an end. My team and I will regroup to see how the effort to help our disadvantaged sisters and brothers can go forward.

Since I threw my hat into ring months ago, I have realized there is an urgent need to help my fellow citizens. And I pledge to do exactly that.

To my family, friends, business associates and well wishers who had stood by me in my decision to become the President of Singapore I say: The fight to serve Singapore is not over. We will regroup and put our plans into action soon.”




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