Commentary: No Other Possible Way Of Calling A Spade A Spade, Similarly A Kelong President

PAP’s Kelong Presidency

Some people, especially my Malay FB friends, are not happy that I use the hashtag #MadamKelongPresident against Halimah. They seem to think that I am disrespectful to her just because she is Malay President?!

That is utter nonsense. Just like many Singaporeans, I am totally disgusted with PAP’s rigging of the Presidential Elections. Unfortunately, Halimah has CHOSEN to be part of this disgusting ploy.

As explained, she could have just WALKED away from submitting her nomination papers so to trigger an Open PE after the other two contenders were disqualified. She would have shown that she is truly INDEPENDENT of PAP’s ploy and we would applause her true spirit of democracy. But no. She has CHOSEN to play along with PAP’s script. The rest is history.

I do not know Halimah personally and do not have any ill feelings, neither good feelings about her. She is just a plain White PAP people to me.

However, no matter what you say about her being a “Nice Lady”, the truth is, she has become the President under such Wayangism and Kelongism. There is really no other possible way of calling a spade a spade, a Kelong President so she must be.

I am confident that she will not be the ONLY Kelong President in Singapore history. There will be Future Kelong Presidents, REGARDLESS of Race, Language or Religion or Sexuality, as long as PAP is in Total Monopoly of Power. There will be Chinese Kelong President, Indian Kelong President, Eurasian Kelong President etc. There will be Madam Kelong President and Mr Kelong President. All in all, they will be ALL the same, the product of Kelongism and Wayangism by PAP government.

As long as there is Kelong President, I will call he or she as so; thus, mistake me not, it is NOT about Halimah but it is the Kelong Presidency of hers which will deserve such appropriate calling.

As long as there are people who are wiling to play along with PAP’s Kelongism and Wayangism, there will always be Kelong Presidents born out of the process. I shall not be moved by any SOB story of why these people have to accept or forced into the ploy or scheme of things. As long as you made that conscious choice, you are hardly innocent of being the accomplice of such Kelongism.

Kelong President of PAP you shall be.


Source: Goh Meng Seng

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