Fundraising For House Fire Victims At Woodlands Block 886B

I am very sure everyone knows about the flat in Woodlands b886B that was caught fire a few days ago. I just got to know the owners, Kenshiriz Gekisoku and wife Ryakenshi Gekisoku yesterday as she was my fiance highschool friend.

As a peribahasa, “malang tak berbau”, the unit caught fire out of sudden and spread very fast. It started in bedroom 3(i attached a floorplan for better visual) and spread very fast when the husband was taking the fire extinguisher from the bomb shelter. Suspected E-scooter battery leakage.

Alhamdulilah, the husband escaped without any injury. The downside of this event is, they lost two of their feline family members and also the fire destroy almost everything.

Cats died due to inhalation of smoke. I went to the house yesterday to talk to them and see the condition of the house. Didnt manage to take alot of photos/video bcos it was night time.

They are still visibly shaken of the unfortunate event. I talked to some of my id friends, they said that it will take about at least 50k or more to reinstate to liveable condition again.

“Lagi berat mata memandang lagi berat bahu yang memikul.” It can happen to any of us but it happen to them. With this, i will like to appeal for help and generousity in donations in any way possible. If you like to donate these are their accounts:

Shah Rizal (husband)Posb Savings –
057 43081 8

Haryati Uob (wife) Savings-
382 385 680 4


Source: H.M.

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