Boy With Autism Went Missing At Childcare, My First Skool’s Outing

Parents, do you have any bad experiences with the child care, My First Skool? It is so scary that the teacher only realized that the autism boy went missing after the boy was found at Yishun MRT station.


This is what happen in my son school today (24 October 2017). School name is My First Skool (Blk 140 Serangoon North Ave 2).

10.48am – I received a call from school teacher saying that my son is missing from school.

10.53am – Yishun mrt staff called up saying that my son is there.

Thereafter i rushed to Yishun and yes is really my son. Really thanks god he is fine. So after that i went back to school and i hope i can talk to the school principal and teachers nicely. But what they told us is really driving us crazy. Below is what the class teacher told us.

10.15am – She bought half of the class students which is around 7 students to outside the class to water and clear the plants.

10.30am – All students back to class.

10.31am – She found that my son is missing.

And by this time i go more crazy… I was thinking the timing is not tally. So i question back.

Me : Yishun mrt called us at 10.53am and told us my son is there so is impossible he can took bus 73 go to Ang Mo Kio mrt then to Yishun mrt.

Principal : Teacher please think carefully.

Teacher : I maybe remember the timing wrongly.

At this point i went really crazy and told them off. Please stop making up story! So you dun really know what time my son went missing?????? If now i cant find my son how??? What you going to do???

All i ended the conversation with them.

I know someone will ask why my son will do all this when he is big enough to know this is wrong. But please note he is an autism kid and he been in this school since toddler, principal and all teachers in the school know about his situation.

And ya as a parents i did ask my son to say sorry to the teachers as it is wrong to run away from school.

I seriously need thanks AWWA teachers teaching my son to remember my contact number if not i might not be able to find son and i might have lost my son forever.

Thanks god my son is fine.

Everyone who read this post please help to like and share. This can happen to my son it can also happen on other kids in the school. This is really unacceptable.



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