Station Inspector Adam – A Dedicated 41-Year Old Police Veteran

For Station Inspector (SI) Adam Bin Abdul Rashid who joined the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on 18 July 1975, this year marks 41 years of service with the SPF.

Becoming a part of the pioneer batch of the Police Coast Guard’s elite Special Task Squadron that was formed in 1994 was a proud moment for SI Adam, who would never forget the numerous high-speed pursuits as well as intercepting hostile vessels that had intruded into Singapore’s territorial waters.

As a member of the SPF’s United Nations Peacekeeping Force, SI Adam has served in two United Nations peacekeeping missions. He first went to Cambodia in 1992 and then to East Timor in 2000.

SI Adam is now a trainer with Police Coast Guard (PCG) Training Centre, where he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with new PCG officers.

For his 41 years of dedicated service to the Singapore Police Force, SI Adam was awarded the Police Service Medal on 3 November 2017 at the Home Team Academy.

The SPF Service Medals Presentation Ceremony is held annually to recognise the long and exemplary service, as well as good conduct of our officers. This year, 583 officers were awarded with the SPF Service Medals.



Source: Singapore Police Force

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