Bad Experience With MKM Car Leasing

Kindly avoid renting cars from MKM Car Rentals. Luckily, I was stuck with them for only 2 months. Here’s how my experience went and why you wouldn’t rent from them.

First, I met this Danial, marketing himself as DA Car Rentals but under UberGrab Mentor Group (UGM). Tried to hard sell the stream at $490 with MKM as there’ll be a $150 rebate which will bring down the price to $340. I was too lazy to scout for others as most Streams are priced at $450 and none (the ones that I came across) were GrabRental partners. So I decided to settle with him which I regretted later on.

Please blacklist.

and MKM Car Rentals

Honestly, their excess would have scared most drivers but I used to rent from LCR, so I’m used to having a high excess. Btw, MKM’s Excess is $5000. Deposit was $500. Remember, their rental was $490** per week. (Way above market rate)

During collection, I remember telling the bugger, I don’t want a fucked up Stream with mounting or gear problems. But no.

Problems with the stream

1. Excuse given – Mechanical problem. NNB, your mechanic don’t know how to check and repair before giving car ah?!

2. EMPTY tank.

3. Aircon problem. I only found out on my 2nd day of driving as the account was activated on the 2nd day.

4. Car will have a big jerk when changing gears from drive to reverse, vice versa, UNLESS car comes to a COMPLETE STOP.

5. Whole car will vibrate at traffic lights and damn sensitive on rough roads.

6. Leak on co-driver seat. If it’s raining or when i wash the car, water will leak in.

Best part is they only fix the aircon. The rest, forget it.
Servicing also can take up to 3 hours. Have a small pool of staff, but even my deposit cock up, took at least 3 weeks till I finally got it back. If you are unhappy with your car, you can change, but, you think their other cars got no problem? When I usually go there, there’s always another driver screaming at them because of their poor and unsatisfactory service. So, please avoid renting from MKM Car Rentals and be careful when engaging with UGM. And make sure do a background check before you rent with a car rental company.




Source: Ian Sedek

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