Why My Aunts Always Talk Bad About Me?

I feel terbuang. dari remaja i always dihina with my mum family side(my aunties). Even lepas masa i kenal kan my husband( masa before married), they like ckp asal la “sya” kenal dgn “dilla” kalau tak blh cik kenal kan dgn “yana”(my cousin). Then another aunty say “sya” ni baik.. sayang “sya” pegi dgn dilla.

Bila da kawin tgh ngandung my aunty said to me kau ni jahat antara adik beradik kau, kau la perangai paling teruk.

Then it stop awhile pasal i start not to mix around sgt with my side until my mum buat kenduri for rumah baru again things happen my aunty husband pulak malu kan i and husband depan semua org ckp “u know this guy (my husband) scare of his wife” just because i suruh my husband tolong2 my elder sis kat dapur as i tgh urus my both daughter and he even tell budak2 yg nak main dgn my gals “dont play with this 2 gals coz the mother very fierce”.

Recently pulak bila my 2nd sister dapat baby i lagi kena my aunty ask where she get the play pen when she said from me, my aunty start to say “rin pakai bekas dia?”

Not only my family even in laws are doing this, depan lain belakang cerita pasal i kat kedai kopi dgn members ckp i ni teruk tak tahu buat semua benda…

Whats wrong with me. At times i just tell my husband “even my family dont accept me how can others accept me.” I totally give up. I sedar i ni pernah jahat masa zaman remaja but dont i deserve a 2nd chance? Im not what i use to be. Why am i being treated this way?



Source: Nisa Tahir

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