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PinkDot Organisers Must Do More To Ensure Non-Participation Of Foreigners

I am glad that only Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs) can attend Pink Dot from this year onwards, and only local companies can sponsor it. It is important to disallow foreign individuals and organisations from interfering in Singaporean politics and…
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WAAPD: Reject PinkDot & LGBT Agenda Through Intellectual, Policy Engagement, Not Violence

Message from waapd admins In response to the recent post on violence. WAAPD is made up of a cross section of Singaporeans from all walks of life, belief systems, ethnicity, gender and creed. We were set up to discuss the…
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Mohd Khair: Pinkdot Agendas Undermine Familial And Social Fabric Of Singapore

Talking about intolerance, we Singaporeans have been a very tolerant society. When a Muslim goes to a non-halal eatery and ask for halal food but none could be served by the eatery, we don’t see Muslims in Singapore suing the…
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PinkDot or Wearwhite? A choice between rhetoric or truth

Rhetoric is powerful, but it cannot hide facts. At first glance, the statement issued by “members of civil society”, which is signed by 217 individuals and 9 organisations like Maruah, AWARE and the Free Community Church, appears to stand for a side…
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