WAAPD: Reject PinkDot & LGBT Agenda Through Intellectual, Policy Engagement, Not Violence

Message from waapd admins In response to the recent post on violence.

WAAPD is made up of a cross section of Singaporeans from all walks of life, belief systems, ethnicity, gender and creed.

We were set up to discuss the attempt to promote a homosexual movement in Singapore. This movement is not part of our traditional family values.

We are clear that our position is to reject the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.

We do not condone the advocacy of violence.

As is expected in a group of thousands of Singaporeans, we will not know the inclination of every member.

We would like to inform every WAAPD member that we will delete any post that promote violence as they come to our attention.

We would also not hesitate to report such matters to the authorities and ban the member from the group if we believe a threat is real.

WAAPD is a public advocacy group.

PinkDot and the homosexual movement should be rejected through intellectual and policy engagement.

We are confident that our members can come together and engage on that level.


Source: Syed Danial in We Are Against PinkDot in Singapore

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