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Police Report Lodged Against The Imam Who Allegedly Made Offensive Remarks On Jews, Christians

A police report has been made over remarks made by an imam, who allegedly insulted Christians and Jews during his Friday sermons at a mosque. In response to TODAY’s queries, a police spokesman said: “The police confirm that a report…
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Imam At Masjid Jami’ Chulia Allegedly Cursed At Christians And Jews During Friday Prayers

This is a video, from the 6th January 2017, of the imam at Jami’ Chulia Mosque cursing Christians and Jews. This was during the Friday khuthbah. He did it again today. In summary, he said, “God Grant us victory over…
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Terence Nunis: Refutation Of The Alleged Defamation On The Character & Person Of Mufti Ismail Menk

as-Salaamu’Alaykum, Please find below, my response to Ismail Menk’s lawyers on my alleged defamation. The response has already been sent out. Please do not share this outside the group.  Special thanks goes to my in-house counsel, Zafirah Jeffrey, for the…
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