Imam At Masjid Jami’ Chulia Allegedly Cursed At Christians And Jews During Friday Prayers

This is a video, from the 6th January 2017, of the imam at Jami’ Chulia Mosque cursing Christians and Jews. This was during the Friday khuthbah. He did it again today.

In summary, he said, “God Grant us victory over the disbelievers, God Grant us victory over the polytheists, God Grant us victory over the hypocrites and the people of envy, God Grant us victory over the Jews and the Christians, God Grant us victory over the Jews and the Christians …” The last part was repeated twice as an emphasis.

This is 2017, and we still have unlettered people leading prayers in the mosque and supplicating as if we are all living in the Crusades and there is a huge religious war. How is this acceptable in the context of Singapore? It is only because he said it in Arabic that most people in the congregation likely did not realise.

Islam is not at war with people of other faiths, particularly the Ahl al-Kitab, People of Scripture. This is an unbecoming relic of a different age. We should not encourage this sort of thiking or condone this sort of supplication


Mr Terence Hekiaon Nunis, the contributor of the video confirmed in an online interview that this was not the only time he heard such supplications made in the mosque and reaffirmed that everything he wrote was factual.

“It should be noted, also, that this was not a solitary occurrence. It was first noted on the 17th January and then again, on the day I posted this.

Some people went there for Friday prayers. At the end of the sermon, this is what was recited as a supplication. The first few lines are innocuous and paraphrased from the Qur’anic supplication. The last part about overcoming the Jews and Christians is his own, or likely, taken from some similar supplication elsewhere, and is not from Scripture.

The word used is “fanswurna” which I have translated as “grant victory over”, but more accurately means, “to overcome”. Translating from Arabic to English is not always easy because there are words which have no direct translation without losing the flavour of the meaning.

In this case, the flavour is far from benign and the implicit meaning is more than just being better than them, the Christians and Jews, but to dominate them.”


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