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Sangeetha Thanapal: Chinese Allies Must Be Clear – Any Racism Is Unacceptable

I want to say a little about Chinese allies in Singapore, given some recent events and experiences. By and large, I find myself deeply disappointed with them. I see a lot of Chinese allies like and share my work, but…
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Confronting Chinese Privilege In Singapore

Can coming face-to-face with a complex issue ensure justice, equality, and racial harmony in the Southeast Asian island state? Hydar Saharudin takes a look. Since 2008, prominent Singaporeans, like playwright Alfian Sa’at, activist Sangeetha Thanapal, and journalist Surekha Yadav, have claimed…
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To My Dear Fellow Singaporean Chinese: Shut Up When A Minority Is Talking About Race

People of Chinese descent make up 70% of the population of Singapore. Singapore Chinese, as they are termed, enjoy systemic, racialized and institutional privilege in the country as opposed to the countries’ minorities (primarily racialized as Indian and Malay). “Chinese…
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