Walid J. Abdullah: Singaporean Majority Must Not Be In Denial About Racism Here

I still find it amazing that people claim there is no racism in Singapore. What is more incredible is that often, these are the same people who say that we need to continue having the GRCs, as racial voting still occurs (contradiction much).

I do not deny that many people are unaware of ‘Chinese privilege’ simply because they are not in a disadvantaged position, and there really is no malice on their part. For these people, after reasoned explanations, they usually accept that being in the majority brings about certain benefits (for example, you are not required to ‘integrate’ or ‘prove yourself).

But for some people, they are just in denial. And their reason for holding such beliefs is: ‘of course there is no racism, i have never witnessed it.’

To paraphrase my favourite comedian, Jon Stewart, just because it is snowing outside your window, it doesn’t mean that global warming isn’t taking place.


Source: Walid J. Abdullah

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